Play bingo with Bitcoins

The game of Bingo has been around since the 16th century, when it was invented in Italy, and then in spread all over Europe and was brought to America. The US version of Bingo was standardized in the 1920s. At first it was known as Beano, but then the name got changed to Bingo. It is a common misconception that only older people play Bingo. Nowadays since the game went online it is popular amongst young folks too. A lot of websites today offer online Bingo and it is possible to play with Bitcoins in addition to playing with traditional currency. This is the right place to look if you want to know more about playing Bingo with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Bingo – how does it differ from normal Bingo?

Online Bingo came as a substitute for traditional Bingo which was and still is played in Bingo halls. With online players have the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling game of Bingo without leaving the comfort of their own homes. So, there isn’t a great difference between online and traditional Bingo. One would then ask what is the difference between Bingo played with regular currency, such as US dollars or British pounds sterling and Bingo played with Bitcoins. Well, there isn’t any difference, everything is the same.

Playing with Bitcoins is much simpler, since Bitcoins isn’t legally considered to be a currency and can be exchanged easily. The only thing that you should always keep in mind is the fact that the relative value of the Bitcoin taken against other currencies can vary. The Bitcoin might change its value significantly in short amounts of time. Therefore, you should always compare the exchange rates, so that you know exactly how much money are you wagering. In addition, one Bitcoin is worth over $400 right now, so wagering one Bitcoin and wagering one dollar is definitely not the same.

Bingo Operators with high Bonuses

Since online Bingo is gaining popularity and there is a growing demand for online Bingo and a lot of competition, providers have to find ways to attract new players and make their Bingo look more appealing than the one of their competitors. It has been proven that players love getting bonuses. It is more than understandable, since everybody wants getting something for free. Some Bingo operators offer ‘no deposit’ bonuses. As the name suggests, this bonus is given to every player without him even having to make a deposit. This is rare though.

Most operators offer a ‘first deposit’ bonus. This bonus is a bonus that matches the amount deposited by the player, usually by 100%. This means that if you deposit 2 Bitcoins in an online Bingo account, you will get additional 2 Bitcoins for free. The match bonus can even exceed 100% and be set at, say, 150%. You should know that these bonuses come with wagering requirements. This means that you’ll be required to wager an amount, either 30, 35 or 50 times higher than the bonus amount, before you are allowed to withdraw the winnings.

What to look for in a Bitcoin Bingo Provider!

Well, same thing you would look for in any online provider really. Firstly, the website has to be reliable and user-friendly. You want to be able to navigate through the website, and you definitely wouldn’t want it to freeze or crash on a regular basis. In addition, since there is payment involved, you would need extra protection and safety. We already mentioned the bonuses, so a rich bonus offer would come in handy. Then, there’s customer support, which is always important. When you consider all these things together, you would be able to decide which would be the right Bitcoin Bingo Provider for you.

Bingo explained

All players purchase cards before a game of Bingo starts. These cards feature numbers, usually aligned in 5×5 boxes. It is possible to buy more than one card which serves as a ticket for a game of Bingo. In the US Bingo cards have 75 numbers. Players mark the numbers they wish to play. Then the caller starts calling numbers and each player checks whether it is a number that they have picked or not. The point is, depending on the type of Bingo, to have a certain pattern formed by the numbers on the card. The pattern is usually a vertical, horizontal or a diagonal row. Once at least one of the players has the desired pattern s/he yells out “Bingo!” and then the card is checked. If it is indeed Bingo, the player is the winner.

Online Bingo is just the same, with the exception being the fact that there isn’t a caller and that the numbers aren’t drawn manually. Online Bingo websites feature random number generators. A random number generator is software which guarantees the randomness of the game and ensures that everything is fair. Let us mention once again that Bitcoin Bingo doesn’t differ from regular online Bingo played for real money.

Different Types of Bingo

The main difference between the different types of Bingo is whether or not the players are allowed to select the numbers on their own, or the cards that are bough already have pre-drawn numbers. U-Pick ‘em Bingo is one of the most popular variants in the US and the players mark the numbers that they wish, whereas in Quick Shot Bingo the numbers are pre-drawn.

With the introduction of online Bingo there are lot more options and a lot more variants of Bingo have been developed. Also, the price of the Bingo card may vary. You may play whatever variant you want, the basics of the game are pretty much the same.

Are there any Tricks for Bitcoin Bingo?

Strictly speaking, no, there aren’t any tricks for Bitcoin Bingo and if anybody tells you there are, they’re lying. Bingo is entirely a game of chance. Simply select the numbers you want, hope for the best and have fun. You can win big with a small amount of money and that is what makes Bingo fun.

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