Play online poker with Bitcoins

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the whole world. There are many reasons why this is so and the thrill and excitement certainly play a part here. But there’s something that’s a bit more important. Namely, poker is one of the very few games where skills, and not just luck, are required. Many would argue that poker is an umbrella term of numerous card games, rather than a single game. Texas Hold ‘em is probably the most popular poker game, but Omaha and 5-Card Draw are also popular. Poker can be played among friends at home, but it can also be played in a poker room in a casino, and also online. Nowadays you can play online poker with Bitcoins as well.

How to play Poker with Bitcoins?

Well, just like you play poker with any currency, there is no difference in terms of the rules or the way you play. You should always keep one thing in mind though. One Bitcoin unit is worth a lot of money, namely more than $400 at the moment. So losing one Bitcoin isn’t the same as losing one dollar, or 10 dollars even. You should always check the conversion rate before you play with Bitcoins.

Is it legal to play Poker with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and this is one of its greatest advantages. Namely, as you probably know playing casino games such as poker with real money can be a bit tricky in the United States, or at least in some of the states. But, this is not the case with Bitcoins, since Bitcoin is not considered to be a currency, at least in the legal sense of the word. So, you can freely play poker with Bitcoins, without being worried that you’re doing something illegal. Due to the fact that playing with Bitcoins does not have the same legal status as playing with American dollars, or any other traditional currency, online poker sites can give higher payouts, since they aren’t taxed as much as sites where you play with traditional currency.

The best websites for Bitcoin Poker

The goal and aim of our website is to provide you with all the information concerning playing casino games online with Bitcoins. This is no easy task and it requests serious research and assessment, before we can reach a decision as of how good a poker website is. There are certain things that a poker website has to have, before it can recommend to anyone, especially if that person is a new to playing online poker, with Bitcoins, or in general. The website has to be user-friendly, well optimised, it shouldn’t crash or freeze. In addition, it needs to offer at least few types of poker, to feature high-quality software. In addition, it would be very good if it also offers lucrative bonuses. And last but not least, the deposits and withdrawals have to be reasonably fast, as well as safe and reliable.

Which is the best poker room?

It is pretty difficult to reach a final verdict on which is the best poker site that accepts Bitcoins. However, we can tell you several criteria that you should always take into consideration when deciding where to invest your Bitcoins, or better yet, where your Bitcoins are most likely to multiply.


This is the most important criterion. A poker website has to have a good reputation and be reliable. Mostly in terms of security, since nobody would like to have their personal data stolen and abused, or stay empty-handed even though they earned a few Bitcoins in a game of poker.

Number of Players

Surely nobody would like to be the only player at a poker website. First of all it’s no fun if there are just few people on the website. Second and maybe more important is the fact that crowdedness is usually an indication of reliability and high quality.

Fast Deposits

Fast deposits are important, because nobody wants to wait for hours or even a whole day before they can start playing poker for Bitcoins. You should always look for a website that processes the deposits instantly, or at least fast enough.

Game selection

If you’re a fan of poker you’d be probably interested in poker games that a website has to offer. Surely, more games mean more opportunities, but the quality of the games should be taken into consideration as well. And even if you’re there primarily for the poker, checking what other games the casino has to offer will do you no harm.

Software and Website

You would want a website that’s easy to navigate through and well structured. The game is supposed to run smoothly, without any delays or unpleasantly long loading periods. The reputation of the company in charge of the software can indicate its quality.

Mobile Poker

Today we do a lot of our online activities on our phones, whether it is reading and responding to emails or ordering stuff online. We use our phones a lot anyways and we would like them to be as good a substitute of our computers as possible. Therefore, whether or not a website is optimized for mobile devices and/or the website provides a separate mobile poker app is highly relevant.

Deposit Bonus and Promotions

Many poker sites offer a First Deposit match bonus in order to attract as many new players as possible. So, when you register and make your first deposit, you get an amount equal to the one you’ve deposited for free. So, if you deposit 2 Bitcoins, you will have 4 in your account. Don’t forget to read the bonus terms and conditions, though.

Customer Support

Most casinos offer at least one way of addressing any issue you may have to their customer support. It can be done either via email, or via phone. Some websites offer additional online forms that you could fill in, or live chat support.

Fast Payouts

Just like you would want to have your deposits processed as fast as possible, you would also like to be able to withdraw the money as soon as possible. Bitcoins are a virtual currency that is used online, the withdrawal waiting time is much shorter compared to withdrawals in other currencies.

Educational Opportunities

If you are new to online poker or to poker in general, you would want to be able to get better at it before you wager Bitcoins on a game of poker. Therefore casinos that allow you to play for fun in addition to playing for Bitcoins, will be the perfect stepping stone for you.

Online Poker against real Players

Smaller casinos usually offer playing poker against the computer, i.e. the software. While we know that this can be fun, it is no match to playing poker against real, human players. Playing against people is much more fun and therefore the casinos that allow this are better than the ones that don’t.

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